Childcare Fees in Bethlehem, Tauranga: Nestlings Preschool and Child Care

Nestlings Preschool and Childcare: Fees

  • Hourly Fee is $7.00 (this is up to 7 hours per day)
  • Daily cut off rate fee is $49.00 (this covers from 7 hours and over)
  • Full time cut off rate is $200 per week
  • We have No Fee charge for public holidays
  • Sun Block is free
  • Children can access up to a maximum of 20 ECE hours per week
  • The ECE 20 Free hours is FREE, access a maximum of 6 ECE hours on any one day

Please ask us for more information about accessing child care subsidies.

We provide flexible hours to suit you, so please come in and talk to us at Nestlings.