Bethlehem Preschool and Childcare: Our Philosophy

Nestlings Preschool and Childcare: Our Philosophy

Nestlings Preschool and Childcare's Christian philosophy comes from the aspiration to provide children with a sense of purpose, that they are unique individuals and they are loved by God, Jesus Christ

Nestlings is a place where children are valued and nurtured.

Our loving preschool teachers work alongside children building positive relationships based on trust and respect. This allows children to feel secure in a nurturing setting.

Children grow and learn through our preschool programme within a calm childcare environment, where they feel empowered to follow their interests and unique ideas and are sparked with curiosity and wonder.

Nestlings Preschool and Childcare, Bethlehem

We thrive on working alongside families to form a holistic approach to your child's learning and childcare

Nestlings Preschool and Childcare believe that children need time making choices and exploring the environment at their own pace and desire.

Our Nestlings family of mixed age children supports peer relationships that flourish. This encourages a healthy sense of self-worth towards others and themselves, through the Christian values of kindness, love and respect.

Karakia enables us to thank God for our blessings each day.

Our philosophy is based on the Christian belief as stated in the Bible:

God and Jesus Christ being one and the same ( Exodus 20 v 1). Jesus said “ I AM the Way the Truth and the Life” (n John 14 v 1-4).