Nestlings Preschool and Childcare: Our Programme

Bethlehem childcare: Nestlings PreschoolThrough different areas of play, Nestlings grows a preschool childcare programme where teachers are continually observing children’s interests, and extending their understanding of the world around them. We do this through implementing the guiding principles of Te Whariki (Early Childhood curriculum).

Meaningful, planned experiences provide children with opportunities to engage in a stimulating childcare programme that caters for individual interests and ages.

Our four year old childcare programme

The vision behind our four year old programme (the Tui group) invites your child into a space where experiences support a positive transition to school.

Working closely with your child, experiences come to life through our teachers knowing each child personally.

Lunch time is enjoyed together, building caring relationships and conversation as the children eat from their lunch boxes that families provide.

Two short mat times provide children with the opportunity to learn together through role modelling, active listening and most importantly fun. Singing, dancing and storytelling are eagerly anticipated by children.

In our calm, peaceful and co-operative childcare atmosphere we support children to problem solve, take calculated risks and experience success.